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Ultimate Checklist To Prep Your Home For The Cooler Months

September 22, 2022
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Fall is here! Although Autumn can be a busy season for most homeowners, it’s also the best time to take advantage of the moderate weather and make any repairs before the frost sets in.

Use this simple checklist to get your home better prepared for fall and the seasonal changes in the upcoming months. These tasks are valuable, simple, and can be achieved in just one day. By spending time and being productive around the house, you’ll end up saving yourself A LOT in the long run and be able to keep your home maintenance-free for the rest of the year!

  1. Exterior Maintenance

You should always check your foundation or cracks and caulk around the areas where your brick meets the siding, where pipes or wires enter the house, and of course, around the windows and doors to prevent any heat from escaping. Caulking and sealing openings is one of the least expensive maintenance jobs you can do. Openings in the structure can cause water to get in and freeze, resulting in mold build up, or cracks.

  1. Roof Inspection

Inspect your roof for any missing or loose shingles. The combination of ice, wind, snow, and rain with the fluctuation of temperature can cause havoc on a roof. Between all these elements, your roof is the main defense of the home and if it is not functioning properly, it can result in water damage. It’s better to be proactive in determining the function of your roof before fall, rather than waiting until a snowstorm to find out you have a leak.  

  1. Clean Your Gutters

After all the leaves have fallen, make sure you clean out your gutters and downspouts. Flush them with water, inspect your joints, and tighten the brackets if necessary. Clogged gutters are one of the major causes for ice dams. If needed, replace old or damaged gutters, and make sure you invest in leaf guards!

  1. Check For Drafts

Heat loss through windows is responsible for 25-30 percent of heating energy use. But you don’t have to be a part of this statistic! Weatherstripping is simple, and probably the most cost-effective way to keep your heating costs down this season.  

  1. Shut Off Exterior Faucets and Store Hoses

By shutting off the water to your exterior faucets, you’ll protect your pipes from freezing temperatures!

  1. Inspect and Seal Your Deck

Another fall home improvement must-do is to perform a safety check on your deck. In addition to checking your deck, Autumn is also a great time to clean up that patio furniture. Before covering, or storing your deck décor, make sure you spray it down and spot clean any pillows, umbrellas or rugs.  

You’ll want to check for any loose nails or screws and tighten or replace any fasteners as needed. Power wash the deck and check all areas for cracks or splintering. Then add your water-repelling stain to protect from melting ice and snow.

After getting through your fall checklist, you are finally ready to sit by the fire and sip your hot drink, while feeling fully secure in the house. But before you know it, you’ll already be preparing for the next change of season!

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