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Questions To Ask Your Roofer

March 1, 2020
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In almost every case, we hire professionals because we don’t necessarily have the proper skills, training, and equipment to do something that’s difficult. Although there are some parts of your roof that you can maintain and repair by yourself, fixing a roof should be left to seasoned experts and professionals. Additionally, a roofing contractor will have the right tools and safety equipment to ensure that your roof will be in good condition once it is installed and repaired.

Since you’re looking for a roofing company that can offer its services, the first rational thing to do is to ask questions. If you’re new to the roofing industry, you’ll need to first paint a picture of how much each material will be, how these contractors will operate, and the average cost for each service.

Most homeowners will jump to the first deal that’s offered to them, but this can easily backfire if they are not aware of the quotes and skills of the contractors. What are some questions that we have to ask our roofers? First, we have to look at the key skills that we have to look at in a roofing contractor.

Hiring The Right Contractor

If you’re new to the roofing industry, you’ll be surprised at how stressful and time-consuming installing a roof can be. Logically, if you don’t have any base knowledge in a certain industry, we have to ask questions first. In the same analogy, when we are interviewing someone for a job, we have to ask the right questions. Numerous homeowners will hire the first contractor that offers their services without doing any background research and investigation first. In reality, we have to always make sure that the person working on our roof is licensed and qualified.

It doesn’t hurt to contact some previous clients of the contractor first so see the product of their projects. If a contractor has long-term clients and workers, this is a good sign that they have been regularly working with clients for years.

Questions That You Should Ask

These are the questions that you should be asking your contractor. It might seem like a lot of questions, but you have to remember that they will be working on your home.

How Long Have You Been Working As A Roofer?

If a roofing company has been around for more than 10 years, then it’s a good sign that they have clients that have been commissioning their services for decades. Likewise, this will also mean that the roofers for that company have the necessary skills and experience that they have accumulated for years.

Will I Be Insured?

Even though a roofer might have decades of experience in the industry, this does not guarantee that they will not make any mistakes. It’s paramount that you will be ensured that any man-made errors and future damages to your roof that might be caused by a botched-up installation will be covered by insurance. One thing that you can do is to contact the insurance firm that’s connected with the company and what this will cover

Do You Have A Portfolio?

Aside from contacting the previous clients of the roofer, you’ll also need to look at their previous works. This will give you a good understanding of what they specialize in and what type of materials they usually work with.

What Are The Tools That You Use?

A professional roofer should be equipped with a complete set of tools that are needed for your roof. They should have the following tools for the job:

  1. Caulking Tool
  2. Measuring Tape
  3. Roofing Nail Gun
  4. Air Compressor
  5. Tin Snips
  6. Roofing Hammer
  7. Extending Ladder
  8. Broom
  9. Truck
  10. Roofing boots and shoes
  11. Other tools

Additionally, a roofer must have the necessary safety equipment to make sure that they are safe from any potential hazards on the roof. The last thing that you want is an injured worker on your roof.

Work Ethic And Professionalism

It might be true that the project that a roofer will finish will speak for itself, but you will also have to look into the attitude of the roofer when they are operating. Are they punctual and on time? Are they following your instructions? In almost every profession in any industry, integrity and professionalism are needed in building rapport with the client. It’s only professional that they will respect your time and effort. Installing and replacing a roof can be a huge investment and it’s only appropriate that you also have a qualified roofer that is also committed.

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