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Learn How To Add Slope To A Flat Roof

December 15, 2019
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When it comes to roof design, flat roofs are getting increasingly prevalent on commercial and industrial buildings since it has several benefits. In reality, there’s no such thing as a truly ‘flat’ roof and most flat roof designs actually have a slope of 1/12 or 0.5/12 so that water can easily flow towards one side of the roof and redirect towards the appropriate drainage systems. A slope is an inclination or steepness of your roof. If a slope is 1/12, then it means that for every 12 inches that’s traversed, there is a 1-inch difference.

When installing flat roofs, skilled roofing contractors will never make roofs truly flat and will always have a pitch of 0.5/12 to 1/12. But before we move in on how to add a slope to your flat roof, we have to first look into what are the long-term effects of having a truly flat roof and what are the advantages that we can get from having a flat rooftop.

Advantages of Flat Roofs

More space

A flat roof means that there is more space to install HVAC equipment and can also be a potential space for garden roofs, penthouses, and solar panels.

Easier to Install

Flat roofs are the preferred designs for commercial buildings since it’s easier to install and will only take days to install rather than a week.

Relatively Cheaper Materials

Compared to conventional gabled roof designs, flat rooftops use cheaper building materials and are cheaper to maintain. Moreover, roofing specialists won’t have a problem with dangerous slopes or heights since the pitches or slopes of these roofs can be easily walked on.

Long-term Effects

Some areas and communities have building codes and regulations where flat roof designs should have slopes of at least 1/12 of 0.5/12. The main purpose of a roof is to dispose of water far from your house’s foundations as fast as possible. Truly flat rooftops or rooftops that have too much material at the edge of their flat roofs tend to trap water on their roof’s area which can lead to several problems.

Advantages of Slopes

Stylish Roof

When you add a pitch to your flat roof, you’re adding more aesthetic value and there adding more monetary value to your home. However, you have to keep in mind that this should be for low-story commercial buildings and traditional shops and not for high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.

Stops Water from Ponding

The main reason why you need to add a slope to your roof is to make sure that your house’s interiors are dry and away from moisture. Moreover, water damage can lead to many problems if left unchecked.

Less Energy Consumption

HVAC equipment can lower your energy costs, but having a good roof that can naturally retain heat and cool off your house during hotter seasons can minimize your energy bills.

Adding Slope

For obvious reasons, you shouldn’t be working on your flat roof by yourself. Having professional craftsmanship and proper planning can ensure that your roof’s lifespan will be lengthened. You can use this information when evaluating your roof with your roofing contractor.

Determine the Pitch and Span of your Roof

The first thing that roofing contractors have to do is to measure and determine the span and pitch of your roof so that they can extensively create a roofing plan for your roof. Prices and estimates are determined in this process.

Remove the Old Materials and Apply a New Roof Sheathing

For the next step, roofing contractors will have to remove every single existing structure and material for your roof since they will add new trusses while having to put in mind the different attachments that they have to place in. If the roof sheathing is in bad condition, then it has to be obviously removed. If you’re having some doubts on a roof sheathing even if it looks good, then you can always have it replaced.

Install the New Materials

The last part will be your contractor installing your preferred roofing material. Make sure that you already have chosen the right roofing material so that there won’t be any miscommunication.

You can do your own research on the unique characteristics of each roofing material before making any final decisions. Overall, adding a new slope is basically replacing your older roof with a newer one and you have to make the necessary commitments to get things done. Adding a new slope to your flat roof can land you several advantages that will also ensure a longer lifespan for your roof. If you don’t have the equipment to do this, you can always ask a professional roofing specialist to do the heavy lifting for you. It is actually advisable to have a proper team work on your roofing Alexandria VA.

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