Windows provide our homes with light and ventilation, but they can also save us energy, increase home value, and increase curb appeal.

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Replacement windows are important when you are considering upgrading your home. Modern windows come in many styles and brands that can accommodate virtually any budget.

With energy costs continuing to rise, the entire country is looking for ways to increase the efficiency of their homes everywhere. Un-insulated windows are big holes in your walls, letting energy/money escape. You can significantly reduce costs by installing energy-efficient replacement windows in your home. By buying a product designed for your exact climate you can guarantee maximum energy savings. The Home Doctor builds replacement windows that fit your specific needs.

We will help you analyze your homes Symptoms, we will then do a Physical where we look at your existing windows and openings. After this we will make recommendations, show options and literature, before we offer you a Prescription, specific to you, and your homes needs. There is no better place to look than a company that can prescribe a window that is truly best for you!