Windows provide our homes with light, warmth, and ventilation, but they can also negatively impact a home’s energy efficiency.

Replacement windows are important when you are looking to reduce your electric bills. The new energy efficient windows come in all styles to fit any budget. Replacement windows are the best improvement for your home if you are planning to sell your home soon.

With energy costs continuing to rise steadily, the entire country is looking for ways to increase the efficiency of their homes everywhere. Un-insulated windows are like having big holes in your walls. From a strict energy efficiency view, windows are a bad idea. If you want the most energy-efficient building, make it one with good insulation and no windows. Of course, no one wants to live in a dark, unnaturally lit box, and few people, if any would seriously consider doing away with windows as a structure.

You can significantly reduce energy costs by installing energy-efficient replacement windows in your home. By buying a product designed for your exact climate, you can guarantee maximum energy savings. The Home Doctor builds the replacement window that is not only best for your climate but also to fit your style, location, budget, and taste as well. When you think about it, there are tons of benefits to installing new energy efficient replacement windows in your home. There is no better place to look than a company that can prescribe a window that is truly best for you!”

Available Window Types

The Home Doctor makes solutions simple to ensure that you’re always making the right decision.

At The Home Doctor, we only build partnerships with companies that stand behind their products. We have a package for everyone’s budget. We prefer our Performance Package, but we have an unlimited amount of options to meet your specific needs.

We have upscale, mid-range, and basic windows with unlimited options. All of our products have been thoroughly tested by a 3rd party for performance and quality assurance.

  • Double Hung

  • Single Hung

  • Oriel

  • Slide N Tilt

  • 3-Lit Slider

  • Hopper

  • Casement

  • Octagon

  • Picture

  • Garden

  • Bay

  • Bow

  • Double Pane

  • Triple Pane

  • Laminated

  • And More…

Wood Grain Options

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Exterior Custom Color Options

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Interior Grid Options

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Reasons To Consider Replacement Windows:

  • High Energy Bills

  • Aesthetics

  • Poor Operation

  • Drafty

  • Seal Failure

  • Outside Noise

  • Poor Security

  • Child Safety

  • Rotted Wood

  • High Maintenance

  • Insect infestation

  • Allergies

  • Poor Ventilation

  • Condensation Between Panes

  • Icing On Panes

  • Wind Noise

  • Paint Chipping/Peeling

  • Hard To Maintain Comfortable Temperature

If you have noticed any of these issues mentioned above with your windows, have one of The Home Doctors window specialists come out to give you a FREE window inspection.

Replacing your old windows may seem like a no-brainer; original windows grow old, become drafty and need to be replaced. While that reason may very well be true, there are many other reasons to replace your windows than just cold air flow.

In the summer, a Low-E coating can reflect solar heat, helping to keep the house cool. In the winter, a Low-E coating can reflect ambient heat back into the home’s interior, cutting heat loss from conductance.

If you experience drafts around the window when it is closed, it is likely that your seals have failed and you’re wasting energy. Even the most energy-efficient window must be properly installed to ensure energy efficiency. Therefore, it’s best to have a professional install your windows. Vinyl windows do not require the same maintenance level as wood.

Replacing your windows saves more energy than recycling, fluorescent bulbs and ceiling fans all put together. Replacing your windows are the greenest home improvement you can make that also beautifies your home.

Once the windows begin to rot, there’s no stopping it. Rot can not only cause damage to the windows themselves but to the area around it. Wet rot can attract termites, which can destroy a home.

Benefits Of New Windows:

  • Efficient:

    Going green is a trend that will never go away. Many people are concerned about the environment, and many people especially are concerned about how far their energy dollars will stretch.

  • Added Curb Appeal:

    Vinyl replacement windows are not only a practical appliance but an aesthetic one, too. Replacing your windows gives you an instant boost in curb appeal.

  • Noise Reduction:

    The Home Doctor has the most important variables that help with the sound transmission. Whether it be laminated glass, air tightness, insulated frames, triple pane, argon gas, krypton gas, or the spacing between the glass package, we have the ability to build the package that works best for you.

  • Easy To Clean:

    With the number of airborne particles in the air, dirty windows are commonplace. Dirty windows drastically reduce the amount of visible light transmittance. Many new features have been developed to assist in the cleaning process. The Home Doctors double-hung models tilt in and lock in place securely, allowing you to clean them safely from inside your home. Some casement windows crank out and over to allow cleaning for the inside. Other styles have an exterior glass coatings option that keeps windows cleaner, longer.

  • Ease Of Use:

    New windows are a breeze to operate, open, slide and lock. They take the same amount of force to close as it does to open. Operating the window will be effortless for years to come.

  • Home Comfort:

    Replacement windows will keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Best of all, this temperature will stay consistent, since the air in your home will be unable to escape through old and drafty windows.

  • Tax Deduction:

    If you install new energy star rated windows in your home, you may qualify for a federal tax credit. This could reduce your net cost of purchasing new windows. Consult your tax professional for more information on this tax deduction.

  • Increase Home Value:

    Newer windows have a return of investment of up to 85%+. This figure is among the highest on home improvement projects. If you’re looking to keep or sell your house, installing new replacement windows is a smart investment.

  • Safety & Security:

    Today’s replacement windows offer a variety of increased security features for your family’s protection. Most windows have easy to use features that provide an escape route in case of fire. Tempered or safety glass provides protection in high traffic and high hazard areas where there is danger of falling through the glass or glass breakage. Most importantly The Home Doctors windows reduce the chance of break-ins and eliminate the need for security bars. Superior locks are screwed down into the frame, making these locks some of the strongest ever manufactured. Innovative ideas like built-in night latches allow the window to be opened for ventilation yet still remain locked for greater security.The Home Doctor’s windows are designed to be tough to give you the best possible protection at your home’s most vulnerable intruder points.

  • Extends the life of your HVAC:

    Installing energy efficient replacement windows will allow you to run your HVAC system less often, resulting in a drop in your utility bills. Old windows let energy escape and cause your HVAC unit to work overtime. If your HVAC system is consistently working harder, this stress will render the unit ineffective over time.

  • Durability:

    High-quality windows are built with the latest advances in technology. You can expect to get many years of trouble-free performance, low maintenance and energy savings with quality replacement windows. The Home Doctor offers lifetime warranties on some windows.

  • Eliminates Maintenance:

    Vinyl replacement windows are maintenance-free and are not prone to rot. They will never need painting or scraping, nor will they chip or peel.

  • Protects furniture & flooring from fading:

    Natural light from the sun produces ultraviolet rays that are harmful to both humans and home furnishings. New windows provide excellent UV protection to prevent fading of things inside your home such as walls, rugs, flooring, window treatments, and furnishings.

Solutions made simple by The Home Doctor

  • Our tailor fit window package includes everything you need to provide reliable, air & water-tight protection for your home.

  • Our factory-certified installers eliminate the risk that your windows are not installed properly.

  • Our industry-leading warranties will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

  • Our start to finish customer service assures that the project is done to perfection, and there are no communication issues.

  • Our post inspection approval gives you the ease of mind that the windows were installed to the specific guidelines.