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When it comes to the industry of roofing, homeowners are often promised numerous things. However, these people usually end up scrambling and trying to hold on to the promised warranty. Despite that, they eventually find out that the warranty is void because it has been installed improperly.

The Home Doctor can provide a wonderful solution to this problem as the company offers the widest range of products that can fit any budget which includes great warranties that the industry can offer

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing have many distinct advantages compared to other roofing materials. This has many design patterns, fireproof, lightweight, easy to install, and durable.

Different Types of Metal Roofs

Nowadays, there are a lot of types of materials used in metal roofing. It includes aluminum, granule, steel, and copper. Yet, roofs have three main types. These have their own design patterns and installation method.

Metal Shingles

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Metal shingles have a design that replicates the look of the shingles. These got created from other materials. They may appear like ceramic, wood, cedar, or slate shingles. Yet, the shingles may also get painted so they can accommodate any preferences in design


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Here is a type of roof uses corrugated metal in flat panels. This system often appears in residential areas. Because of the current technology, it became appealing to a greater curb. It is well-suited to urban living. Panels have the composition of galvanized steel, but there are now other metals that are in use.

Standing Seam Panel

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This panel uses flattened metal sheets. These have the composition of either stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. They are then joined using raised seams. The edges got folded back over and the joints got locked together to create a watertight seal. Metal then comes in a rolled form and cut to the roof’s measurements. It is among the oldest roofing systems that is currently in use. The installation of this requires a professional roofing company’s skills.


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Compared to other roofing materials, metal roofing materials can be lighter. Often, they may get laid over any existing roof. You don’t need to go through the process of removal and disposal of the old roof. In case the decking is in great condition, you wouldn’t have to install the new roof system.Fireproof: From the fire-resistant standpoint, metal roof systems can cut any worries. It is the safest when it comes to all roof systems.


Metal roofs are completely recyclable. Old roofing material may get used in a variety of applications.


When installed, metal roofing may last for years with minimal maintenance. Keeping the debris off the surface is what this roofing system only requires.

Energy Efficiency

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Nowadays, metal roofing are among the most energy-efficient roofing materials. You can invest in a brand of high quality. Whenever you live in a warm climate, we recommend to get a colored metal roof. This can help in the reflection of the heat away from the home, bring down utility costs, and keep the property cool. On the market nowadays are several sealants, colors, and coatings. These can make further improvements in the energy efficiency of the metal roof.


It can be affordable to buy metal roofing. The prices may be different depending on the brand. Still, metal roofing is currently on par with the roofing materials that are most used. One of them is asphalt. It can fit a lot of roofing budgets as it costs lower compared to slate or tile roofing.

Performance In Extreme Weather

When it comes to extreme weather, metal roofs perform very well. You may live in an area that is prone to weather that is quite severe. If this is the case, hire roofers that are well experienced. A licensed and skilled roofer can install a metal roofing. These can be more resilient to storms, wind, and hail.


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In residential homes, metal roofing are among the most durable available materials. There are even metal roofs that can withstand strong gusts of wind that can reach up to 140 miles an hour. Over time, metal does not crack over or corrode because of the weather. There are even metal roofs that are resistant to impact. This can be perfect for residential homes that live under a lot of trees. It is great for homes that often experience harsh conditions in the weather. Moreover, we recommend this when you encounter hailstorms.

Also, unlike other roofing materials, metal roofing do not need costly maintenance. You may still need the roof to get inspected often to make sure that repairs are not required. You may need to undergo slight repairs over time. This may not be problematic for any professional roofing technician. Nowadays, nothing could beat a metal roof when it comes to durability.

There may be times when you want to have an old roof replaced or are building a new house. Make sure to consider a metal roof system as it is cost-effective, durable, and has quite a unique look.

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