Gutters Need To Be Installed Properly.This is necessary, even though they can be a difficult task.

Unless there are long overhangs on your roof and your property is steeply graded, they’re essential for routing roof runoff away from your home. Gutters installed properly keep basements and crawl spaces dry, preserve topsoil, protect siding from back-splash stain and rot and shield windows and doors from water infiltration and damage. Gutters and downspouts perform two main functions. First, they help capture and direct the roof run-off water away from the house. Second, they help protect the exterior surface and perimeter grading of the home from water damage that can result from the roof run-off water running down the side of the house or eroding the soil around the home. It is estimated that a one-inch rain fall on a typical 2000 square foot roof can produce up to 2,500 gallons of water.

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Inspect the entire gutter system seasonally for:

(When inspecting gutters, extend straight ladders 3 feet beyond the roof at a 75-degree angle to the ground)

  • Proper pitch
  • Clogs
  • Corrosion
  • Broken fasteners
  • Separation between connections
  • Separation where gutters meet the fascia board
  • Back-splash on siding
  • Streaking on font surface of gutters (tiger striking)
  • Sagging gutters
  • Holes & cracks in gutters or downspouts
  • Water running over gutters
  • Peeling paint on gutters or trim
  • Rotted Fascia
  • Rotted Soffit
  • Fasteners backing out

If you have noticed any of the signs on the gutter inspection mentioned above, you probably need your gutters replaced due to failing. Have one of The Home Doctor’s gutter specialists out to give you a FREE gutter inspection.


Start now-before your non performing gutters get you into another expensive project.


A properly constructed gutter system should carry water at least three feet away from the foundation to prevent damage.

Gutters and downspouts direct rain and snow or ice melt away from the foundation of your house, where it can cause damage and leakage.

The soil around the foundation should slope away from the house at least 1 inch per foot for 6 feet or more.

If you have planting beds along the foundation, make sure the edge of the lawn isn’t keeping water from draining away from the house

If there are 10 things that can go wrong with a house, 9 of them have to do with water.

Gutters, downspouts, and leader pipes collect rainwater and channel it away from the house.

Water is the enemy to your home, we all know this. The main purpose of gutters it to direct water away from the surface and foundation of your home.

While many home repairs only target one, specific problem, the benefits of rain gutters are numerous.


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    • People Stay Dryer.
      Gutters prevent water from flowing off the roof and over entrances to the home and porch. They keep people dry as they enter and leave the home. Even a light rainfall can create a sheet of water that runs off the edge of the roof.
    • Houses Stay Neater.
      Water falling from the edge of a roof can splash dirt on the lower part of the exterior walls as it strikes the ground. It can harm flowers and delicate shrubs and break down mulch.
    • Cost Effective.
      New Gutters help get water away from your home as quick as possible. They will increase the longevity of other areas of your home, and save you from getting into high ticket projects.
    • Curb Appeal.
      Our unique, architectural gutter styling was designed to complement the look of today’s homes. It achieves high-volume water flow without having to resort to a bulky looking gutter system. You’ll love the way your house looks with The Home Doctor’s gutters, and how good you’ll feel.
    • Safety.
      Safety is crucial when working with your gutters. Cleaning or attempting to repair your gutters from on top of the roof is risky business. Working from the roof puts the gutter underneath your body, forcing you to reach below your center of gravity. Add to this the fact that many people get dizzy when trying to hang on to an unlevel footing while eight feet or more off the ground, and the scenario spells disaster waiting to happen.
    • Gutters Prevent Rot.
      Houses without gutters are more likely to experience wood rot on the fascia and soffit as water exiting the roof finds openings in the paint and caulking. Properly installed and maintained gutters keep water away from wood and funnel it to the ground or storm water system.
    • Gutters Prevent Erosion.
      Water that falls uncontrolled from a rooftop has to go somewhere. In a heavy rain, a high volume of water flowing away from the house can erode the dirt around it. This can cause ponding in the yard, which can lead to muddy soil and damaged grass.
    • Keep Basements Dry.
      The most important task of a gutter is to funnel water away from basement walls. Water that falls from a roof can saturate the ground near the foundation. Over time, the water will find its way down and through the foundation walls due to hydrostatic pressure. The result is cracks in basement walls and eventually flooding in the basement. Even without cracks, sitting water can soak through the basement wall and result in a buckled foundation and costly repairs.
    • Keep Foundations Stable.
      Water sitting near a foundation wall eventually works its way under the foundation, causing it to settle. The walls on the settled part of the foundation can then separate from the rest of the house.



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    At The Home Doctor we only build partnerships with companies that stand behind their products.We have a package for everyone’s budget. We prefer our Performance Series, but we have an unlimited amount of options to meet your specific needs. We have 6 inch, 5 inch, and K-Style gutters with unlimited options. All of our products have been thoroughly tested by a 3rd party for performance and quality assurance.

    Performance Series:

    The Home Doctor prefers an advanced protection to your most valuable investment. The Performance Series gives you the dependability that only a RainPro Gutter can offer. The Home Doctor’s Performance Series gutter system is the only gutter on the market today, with the capacity of a 6” gutter, and a unique design that makes it look no bigger than a 5” gutter. Only The Home Doctor’s gutter systems allow for maximum water flow for ultimate protection, without looking large and spoiling the beauty of your home. RainPro’s unique architectural styling adds to its beauty, and gives your home real curb appeal.

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    Why The Home Doctor’s Gutter System?

    • Better Design:
      Each component of The Home Doctor’s gutter system, from the miters and end caps to the hidden hangers, was designed to achieve a totally refined architectural profile that looks like part of your house, not something added on.
    • Custom Fit:
      All The Home Doctor’s gutters are seamless. They are custom formed and cut to exact dimensions at your home to ensure a perfect fit.
    • Maximum Flow
      Compared to standard gutters, The Home Doctor’s gutter has a larger bottom and downspout, which helps remove rainwater from your roof faster, to better protect your home during heavy rainfall. The Home Doctor’s wider gutter bottom and larger 3 3/8” outlet give you a dramatic increase in water flow capacity compared to a 5” gutter system which only has a 2 3/8” outlet.
    • Maximum Strength:
      The Home Doctor’s gutter systems are made from the heaviest gauge aluminum available, for added strength. This makes our gutters 18.5% thicker than standard gutters and more resistant to bending or denting.
    • Heavy Duty Hanger:
      The Home Doctor’s gutter system is secured to your home by heavy-duty internal gutter hangers which give your gutter system maximum strength and durability, yet are totally concealed from view.
    • Color Choices:
      The Home Doctor’s gutter systems come in a wide range of designer colors to compliment every design and every home. The color of your RainPro gutter system is also protected by Englert’s exclusive ScratchGuardTM Paint Finish Warranty.
    • “Satisfaction Guaranteed Installations”
      The Home Doctors: gutter system is always installed by experienced gutter specialist.
    • ScratchGuardTM Paint Finish:
      The Home Doctor’s system is protected by Englert’s exclusive ScratchGuardTM Paint Finish, which comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
    • Good Housekeeping Seal:
      The Home Doctor’s gutter system has been tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute, and carries the Good Housekeeping Seal, one of the most trusted symbols of product quality in America.

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    Solutions Made Simple By The Home Doctor:

    Getting new **Gutters** shouldn’t be a grueling and frustrating process. So The Home Doctor has made it easy!

  • Our Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval includes everything you need to provide reliable, water-tight protection for your home.
  • Our factory-certified installers eliminate the risk of your gutters not being installed properly.
  • Our industry-leading warranties will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Our start to finish customer service assures that the project is done to perfection, and there are no communication issues.
  • Our post inspection approval gives you the ease of mind that the gutters were installed to the specific guidelines.

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