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When it comes to the industry of doors and roofing, homeowners are often promised numerous things. However, these people usually end up scrambling and trying to hold on to the promised warranty. Despite that, they eventually find out that the warranty is void because it has been installed improperly.

The Home Doctor can provide a wonderful solution to this problem as the company offers the widest range of products that can fit any budget which includes great warranties that the industry can offer

Flat Roof System

The flat roof system is an integral part of the modern architecture. Nowadays, roofing systems have come a long way from traditional constructions. Above all, it has the essential waterproofing, thermal, environmental, and fire benefits.

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Flat Roof Design

The flat roof design may have some flexibility for certain limitations in design. Likewise, they have the reputation for repairs and leaks.

This type of roof has a variety of material options nowadays. It can certainly become possible for these to go beyond the hot-mopped and built-up roofing that is quite traditional. At the same time, it can help increase the reliability of the roof.

Even if flat roofs may not be the most glamorous option, this type of roofing has its advantages. Being aware of the pros and cons including the required roofing material, price of repairs, potential for roof leaks and unwanted pooling of water water can assist in making a decision if it is ideal for your building. The construction of flat roofs consist of an under-layer and a top coat.


The price of a flat roof is its most significant advantage. The cost of having it installed and built are often relatively cheap. The insulation board of a flat roof is around 80 cents for every foot.

Because of this, the installation, maintenance and upkeep of flat roofs are relatively affordable. Also, since there is minimized risk in the installation of a flat roof, labor is also cheaper. Aside from that, having flat roofs installed can be easier and faster. The roof and its lifespan may have minimal damages and costs for repair. Whenever you install solar panels on it, you may also save on electricity. When it comes to cleaning the gutters and repairing and satellites, accomplishing it can be easier and more affordable on flat roofs.

Another significant advantage of flat roofs is that you may use this space for other purposes. You may have units for air conditioning on the roof and not on the ground. Having a flat solar rack on the roof can also be less evident compared to putting it on a roof that is sloped.

Whenever a living roof gets designed, it can be a great lounge area where people can make barbecues, plant flowers, and relax on the rooftop. There is an endless list of possibilities for flat roofs.

Aside from these, the space in the interior can also become more versatile. You can turn it into an apartment on the top floor. Flat roofs are significantly advantageous for homes that need a lot of space in the interior.

Compared to sloped roofs, flat roofs are often more accessible and it could be easier and safer to climb it whenever you need to have it inspected. Whenever the building is not that big, having a flat roof can be so much more stable compared to a slanted roof.

Flat roofs provide a wonderful appeal architecturally. Just make sure to have it maintained regularly so it can be economical. Since it can be easier to install flat roofs, you don’t need to wait for a long time before you can move in. Whenever there is a need to have a flat roof replaced or repaired, having it re-roofed can be relatively quick and easy.


The flat roof system is actually not flat as they have a roof pitch which is very slight. It is between 1/2″ to 1/4″ for every foot. This slope may hence be enough to drain water. Yet it can also be flat enough to become an issue. Problems may occur if it does not undergo proper construction.

Of every type of roof for homes and buildings, among the most controversial are the flat roofs. That is because these are commonly used on huge structures and outbuildings. Flat roofs have a set of needs and challenges that are unique. In case you are planning to have a flat roof on your building or residence, you need to become aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

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