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When it comes to the industry of roofing, homeowners are often promised numerous things. However, these people usually end up scrambling and trying to hold on to the promised warranty. Despite that, they eventually find out that the warranty is void because it has been installed improperly.

The Home Doctor can provide a wonderful solution to this problem as the company offers the widest range of products that can fit any budget which includes great warranties that the industry can offer

Cedar Shake Roofing

Wooden shingles created from split logs are what cedar shake roofs use. These roofs have a distinctive look because of the length and the thickness of every shingle. This is a kind of roofing that has existed in North America ever since the time of the colonists.

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On average, the lifespan of a cared for cedar shake roof is approximately seven to fifteen years. There are manufacturers such as GAF that offer warranties. But, that are not prorated for up to fifty years. These covers both materials and labor for asphalt and metal roofs.

Things People Need To Know About Cedar Shake Roofing

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  • When it comes to humid climates, cedar shakes are not recommended. That because it may lead to the premature aging of the shingles.
  • Cedar shakes came from the same material used in campfires. Because of this, it is likely for insurance companies to charge a premium if you have this roofing. That is because it isn’t fire retardant. You may have to apply retardant chemicals but you need to replace this every time there is rain.
  • Cedar shakes may need cleaning every four to five years. This is for the maintenance of their appearance. Oftentimes, the process involves the implementation of pressure washing. Avoid the use of a high setting on the pressure washer. That is because it may cause premature aging and end up damaging the roof.
  • The roof needs to get inspected by a professional every year. This is to check if there are any signs of rot, wear, insect infiltration, and others.
  • Cedar shake roofs are prone to the growth of moss and algae. Because of this, it may end up endangering the health and safety of your family. Whenever it rains, moss traps the moisture. This leads to the prevention of the drying of the cedar shake roof. This may end up causing the roof to leak as time goes on. During winter, the moisture of the roof freezes and thaws which could lead to further damage.cedar shake

Environmental Impact

Trees may be a renewable resource but cedars cannot grow as as the other kinds of trees. Experts estimate the time for a cedar tree to reach the level of maturity is from two to four centuries. Cedar is now becoming rarer. This kind of roofing may get driven up because of the rules that govern demand and supply.

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