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When it comes to the industry of roofing, homeowners are often promised numerous things. However, these people usually end up scrambling and trying to hold on to the promised warranty. Despite that, they eventually find out that the warranty is void because it has been installed improperly.

The Home Doctor can provide a wonderful solution to this problem as the company offers the widest range of products that can fit any budget which includes great warranties that the industry can offer

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

All over North America, the most popular roofing material are asphalt roof shingles. The reason why they are famous is they have a great design. This protects a home for decades against weather even if the upkeep is minimal. Aside from this, they are available in many styles and colors.

Great Value that is Available

Asphalt shingles offer various style choices. They are also available over Canada and the United States. Aside from being easy to install, they can also be an attractive option. Roofing contractors may offer this to any of their customers. Even if getting a new roof can be expensive, one of the most affordable options is asphalt shingles. There are times when there’s an existing structural surface underneath the roofing system. It can be a roof deck that is in great condition. You may still install new asphalt shingles over the older shingles. It can help you cut the cost and need of tearing off the old roofing. Make sure to check this out with the contractor first. This can help you review if this roofing project could be a viable option for saving money.

Various Types of Roof Shingles

Nowadays, asphalt roofing shingle products have three major categories available. These are luxury shingles, dimensional shingles, and strip shingles. People must understand what is different between every type of roofing shingle. This will help them choose the right product for their home.
People also know asphalt shingles as composite or composition shingles. These general terms have the same meaning. “Composition” is the term used since the shingles are a composite product. It came from either mineral granules, asphalt, and cellulose mat or fiberglass. These are different from the clay tiles and wood shake shingles. That is because these came from a single material.

Dimensional Shingles

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Dimensional shingles are also known as the laminate or architectural shingles. They are asphalt shingles that are the most prevalent. They are products that got manufactured with a couple or more asphalt layers. These get fused together for a richer and thicker multi-dimensional appearance. They are also engineered replicate the aesthetics of natural slate and wood shake. Dimensional shingles are heavier compared to strip shingles. Aside from this, they have improvements when it comes to warranty protection. For the dimensional roofing shingle, a prototypical design is Landmark® by CertainTeed.

Luxury Shingles

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The highest-quality of available laminated shingles are the luxury shingles. These offer differentiated functionality or appearance that can outclass the dimensional shingles. They are shingle ‘heavyweights’ provide the best protection from any type of weathering. Moreover, it can be stunning to look at luxury shingles. That is because of their wonderful dimensions, coloration, and quality. These offer realistic representations of the quarried slate and old-world wood shake roofing. Prime Luxury roofing shingles include Carriage House® and Grand Manor® from CertainTeed.

Strip Shingles

These are also known as the strips shingles, strips, or the 3-tab shingles. That is because of the shingle’s cut. It is the most basic and original asphalt shingle. This has a composition of a single asphalt layer. It also has an appearance that offers the look of a slate which appears very flat. These came from a single layer. They generally cost and weigh less compared to other asphalt shingles. strip shingles became the market’s predominant roofing shingle. That is before the introduction of designer shingles in the 1980’s. Nowadays, homeowners replace roofing shingles of houses with strip shingles on their roofs. These home builders are responsible for the manufacturing of inexpensive roofs. They use strip shingles most often. Included in the CertainTeed strip shingles are products such as the XT™ 30 and CT™ 20.

Asphalt and Its Dynamic Benefits

Asphalt now has dynamic properties and modern techniques in engineering. It made manufacturers capable to produce various specialty products. These exist in every type of shingles. Included are shingles that offer increased resistance to the damaging hail. They can fight the growth of algae. These shingles offer technologies in cool roof color. It can reflect the sun’s heat to cut the expenses brought by air conditioning. Moreover, it offers technologies that cool down the roof. This may depend on your location but the selection of a specialty shingle can cut the costs in insurance. One example would be the installation of an impact-resistant shingle on a home that is in a hail zone. Aside from this, asphalt shingles are also resistant to fire. This makes them a recommended choice for places wherein there are prominent wildfires.

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