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5 Ways to Prep for Roof Replacement

You don’t schedule a full roof replacement for your home every day – at least not if it’s getting done right. While a good installer will always keep your family’s convenience and safety in mind, it’s a good idea to head off potential accidents or damage with a few simple precautions. Here are a few pointers from our installers:

1. Clear personal belongings from the yard.

Dust and falling debris may damage anything left in the open, so clear a path for the work crew before they arrive. The day before your scheduled installation, take a few minutes to move patio furniture, children’s toys, and any vehicles in the driveway away from the work zone. As an added bonus, you won’t have to clean up the yard later.

2. Keep friends and family informed.

Work zones can be dangerous places, so create a plan for keeping your kids occupied during your roof replacement. Ladders, nails, and loud noises will all be difficult to avoid while contractors are working, so getting out of the house entirely may be your best option.

And take it from us: a little advance warning can go a long way, so keep your neighbors in the loop. Let them know a few days beforehand to expect some noise and dust.

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3. Mark exterior outlets.

Electrical access is easy to take for granted, but your contractors almost certainly can’t do the job without it. This matters more if your home is older or if your outlets are tough to spot, but the set up phase of the job will almost certainly move faster if your contractors know exactly where to plug in. Colored masking tape or even luggage tags will work.

4. Clean out the attic.

It’s better to be safe than sorry – and vibrations and debris are unfortunately no friend to fragile family heirlooms. Sturdier furniture should hold up fine underneath a blanket or tarp, but consider moving grandma’s fine china and your kid’s 5thgrade science experiment.

5. Sweep the driveway.

Reputable installers will pick up stray nails with a magnetic wand, but it’s not uncommon for a few to go missing despite best intentions. If your driveway is asphalt or concrete, sweeping ahead of time will make it easier to spot debris where it’s most likely to damage tires and children’s’ toys.

Should you run across any issues during the roof replacement itself, don’t be afraid to contact your installation company directly! We only work with venders that commit to our philosophy – our job is never done until you’re satisfied.