White and red house in autumn.

Get Your Home Ready for Fall in 4 Easy Steps

Love it or hate it, Indian summers here in the DMV come with a big benefit for homeowners – a little extra time to get your home ready for fall before the inevitable cool down. Besides piling up the firewood and stocking up on pumpkin spice, here are a few ways to beat the oncoming chill while the weather is still on your side.

1. Clean Gutters and Downspouts

If you’re seeing dead leaves and pine needles around downspouts, it means the gutters are doing their job – siphoning water and debris away from the roof. It’s when gutters start to overfill that problems arise, as leaves sitting in wet piles can damage shingles over time. Keeping them in top shape is especially important as the weather starts to turn.Luckily this is an easy job to outsource if you’re not keen on climbing a ladder yourself. If you are looking to take on the task, be sure you have a stable ladder and a small hand-trowel. Start closer to a downspout, and gravity will help you out as you work your way back. This is also a great opportunity to check in on the gutters themselves – any flaking, cracking, or breaking is a good sign that you should consider scheduling a replacement.

2. Check Your Windows

A faulty window is essentially a chink in the armor of your home – which you’ve likely already seen firsthand if you’ve ever watched your heating bill rise at a steady clip through winter. Cracks and breaks between planes of glass are usually obvious, but it can be tougher to spot weak points n the frame and sill, and those tend to be the bigger culprits for letting hot air escape as soon as your heating system can generate it. Look for cold spots in the house and any places on window sills where wood may be peeling or breaking.

Living room with beige furniture.

3. Check Your Roof

You’ll need to climb the roof again for this step, so make sure you can do this safely! When you have a stable ladder and a good set of boots, look for cracks, loose shingles, and spots where flashing may be coming loose. A few missing shingles can often be repaired by hand, though be sure to check with an expert if you’re not sure.When do you know it’s time to consider a full replacement? If the patterns of water damager are more consistent than not, or if you’re seeing repetitive leaks inside.

4. Check Weatherstripping Around Exterior Doors

If you’ve ever lived through a winter storm with a faulty door, you probably already know that it’s best to get ahead of the problem before punishing weather makes it an absolute necessity. Cold spots by doors are one obvious sign, but an increase in exterior noise or a consistently sticky frame can also indicate an ongoing problem.

If your exteriors need a little more TLC than you can manage on your own, we’re here to help! Give us a call for a free estimate on roof, gutter, window, or door replacements. Our quotes are always good for a full calendar year. Your toes will thank you come winter!